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Metal Gear Online patched to V1.01. June 12, 2008

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Well that was fast. With the game available to the mass market just within one day, Konami have already released a patch for Metal Gear Online. Version 1.01 will help “Lighten the strain the game places on our server” as well as “Adjustments have been made to the character’s moving speed”, as per screen shot above.

You will need to download and install the patch to run the game, via two options given by Konami, namely Peer to Peer (Bit Torrent) or direct http download. It should be a 40-50MB download, based on my speed of download (as described below).

Strangely, I initially used the Konami‘s recommended method (which is the peer to peer Bit Torrent method and supposedly faster) but found it too slow. After few minutes and being at 3% with download speed of averaging 14-20kbps, I canceled it and tried the direct http method. I got the file in 4 minutes. So try both methods to see which works for you.

BTW, I do manage to get 10MB files per minute (thats 150++ kpbs average), that’s how I estimated the patch to be 40-50MBs in size.


Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3 arrives in MY! June 12, 2008

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Here it is, available on the exact worldwide launch date! Yes, it’s the Asian version (with English and Chinese language options) of Konami‘s Metal Gear Solid 4 for Sony‘s PS3 console. It was available in KL since late last night and with every purchase of the game, you get a free poster (pictured above with the game at the lower left corner). Its very cool to get some freebie especially with a game that’s expected to be sold out very quickly.

The game is actually brought in by a local company (as opposed to importing from SG, which usually means that we get the games few days later after the street dates). Lets hope that this company will continue to bring us the games at such fast pace in the future. Kudos to them.

Note: Asian version refers to Sony Entertainment HK (which that covers territories as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore) – and not Sony Entertainment Japan – which western sites (like Engadget, Joystiq) are referring to as Asian. Lets hope they pick this info up.

Latest Game Titles in MY stores now. June 10, 2008

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Here are the latest games available in MY stores, but obviously the most anticipated and biggest release for the PS3 ever arrives on Thursday, Solid Snake’s first and final appearance on Sony‘s console, and I hope to bring you impressions as soon as I get my hands in it the same day.


Haze (US) – FPS
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (US) – Adventure
Singstar (game and mic) (US) – Singing


Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy – (EU) – Action
Ninja Gaiden 2 (EU) – Action
Grid (EU) – Racing
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (US) – Adventure


Kawasaki Snow Mobiles (US) – Racing
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (US) – Adventure
Wii Fit (US) – Fitness

3G enabled iPhone goes official, available in 22 countries on July 11, 2008. June 10, 2008

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The highly leaked but much anticipated iPhone 3G is official, revealed yesterday during Apple‘s WWDC 2008.

iPhone 3G will be available in 2 flavors, 8GB at US$199 (RM700) and 16GB at US$299 (RM1000), in the US via AT&T in a 2 year contract, beginning July 11. 2008.

In a strange move, the new iPhone 3G will not be available from Apple‘s online store nor can you activate it yourself from home. You will now have to walk into an AT&T store to buy and activate it in-store while you are there. AT&T have said that activation can be done in a few minutes, but its still a departure on how Apple traditionally sells its stuff.

Packed with new features are: 3G (duh), Firmware 2.0, GPS (A-GPS that uses cellular signals to complement satellite signals), Wi-Fi (still at 802.11a/g, no N support), new dock (to fit the new shape), 300 hours standby, 8-10 hours of 2G talk, 5 hours of 3G talk, 7 hours of video and 24 hours of audio, 3.5mm flushed headphone jack, and the back is completely in black plastic. Better still, it is also available in full WHITE, way cool!

Pic from Laptogmag.com.

It will be available in 22 countries by next month July 11, 2008. These countries are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the US.

Another 48 countries have been identified to receive the iPhone 3G “later this year”: Argentina, Botswana, Brazil, Cameroon, C. African Republic, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, India, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macau, Madagascar, Mali, Malta, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Niger, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Senegal, Singapore, Qatar, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, Uruguay.

You will notice that Malaysia is not listed, damn! Look like I’ll have to wait for the unlocked version then.

Wii Fit (US) is available at selective MY stores. June 10, 2008

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Wii Fit (US) is here. Its not as widely available as other games so you will need to do some walking to find one. It’s retail price here is much cheaper than in Singapore, so get it here if you can find one (if you are wanting to get one).

It was here several months ago in the Japanese version, but as I dont read Japanese, I have not bought that version. I will be collecting one unit soon and looking forward to testing the unit out.

Dark Mist themes are to be bought, no longer free? May 16, 2008

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Oh no!! If this are the shape of things to come, then PS3 users will be lighter in the wallets from getting new themes to dress up their PS3s.

In order to dress up your PS3 with the new Dark Mist themes, users will have to fork out SG1.29 or HKD7.00 (RM3.00) to get it from Sony HK, as per screen shot above. This is an unprecedented move and this may signal the end of Sony PS3‘s free online content?

Whats even more strange is that Sony HK is asking you to pay for Themes! I really hope that they will not start charging for their online multiplayer, as this is their key difference from Xbox Live, a paid user online service for Microsoft’s Xbox360.

It seems that US and EU PS Stores have not started this, perhaps it will soon?

Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition bundle for US official. May 16, 2008

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US gamers can stop hating their Japanese counterparts now. The limited edition gunmetal grey Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 hardware bundle is official for the US market.

Setting your wallet lighter by USD600 (RM1980), the bundle will be available from March 19, 2008 but ONLY exclusively from Konami.com website. The bundle will include a 40GB gunmetal PS3 console, a matching color Dualshock3, Metal Gear Online starter pack, an exclusive blu-ray disc containing “making of documentary” and production team look, and the Metal Gear Solid 4 game disc, of course.

As the set is limited in quantity, better rush to Konami‘s website on March 19 if you want it.

PS3 Firmware updated to V2.35, but dont fix GTA IV’s freeze. May 16, 2008

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PS3‘s latest firmware patch is now at V2.35, available as of May 15, 2008. Sony was pretty vague about what the patch do, only stating “System stability during use of some PLAYSTATION(R)3 format software has been improved.”

Users have reported online that the patch DOES not fix the problems with GTA IV, and Sony acknowledges it while saying that they are looking the problem and may have a solution soon.

You can try calling Sony’s customer support in your area to check.

GTA IV PS3 gets patched to V1.01 May 8, 2008

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Rockstar have released GTA IV patch for PS3. Weighing in at 18MB in size, the patch is said to improve online experience by fixing some server related issues and stuff as mentioned below.

Rockstar Games has released a GTA IV patch for Playstation 3 today that prevents Gamespy’s servers from being overloaded and therefore reduces the impact on those servers that were causing the game to stutter and lock up. This update will ensure that everyone will experience Grand Theft Auto IV the way it was intended. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused,” statement released by Rockstar regarding the patch.

Online forums users have reported that the patch also helps with the lock-ups on single player mode, especially the one dealing with the auto saved game load. The patch seems to have fixed that too.

I personally do not have any lock up issues in both single and multiplayer mode, so I cant tell the difference. Will play the game more to see if I can see any fixes done.

My wish list for Rockstar if they are reading this (yeah, fat chance), if the player thats hosting a multiplayer game (the one with the “crown” icon who decides on the settings) is idle for extended periods, please kick the player out automatically. I had several instances where many players are waiting to get into the game but is hampered by the host not being ready. Fix that and the multiplayer will be much much sweeter.

Also, why is the PS3 version darker than the Xbox360 version, even if the PS3 version have better shading and looks more realistic??

PS. I have been playing multiplayer so much that I have neglected the single player mode….

GTAIV Xbox360 is region locked. April 30, 2008

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A warning for all Xbox360 owners, Rockstar‘s latest humongous game, GTAIV, is region-locked.

This simply means that you have to get the game region that corresponds to your Xbox360. It means that you cant import the game from locations that have released the game (ie. Australian and Asian gamers cant play US or European version of GTAIV, imported or otherwise).

You have been warned.