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I’m back….. from the Twilight Zone August 29, 2008

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I have been missing from the cyberpages, due to personal and work commitment. Also that it has been a very slow period for gaming in MY, and not much new stuff are emerging.

However, as this is the Fall season, more games and gadgets are coming out to MY. As such, I will work harder to update the local info, and be active in these pages again.

Thanks for visiting, and keep the comments coming in.


Happy 25th Birthday to Compact Discs! August 20, 2007

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To be fair, its a belated birthday wish to our shiny friends, the Compact Discs (CDs).

It was 25 years ago, on 17th August 1982, that the first CD rolled off the production line. The CDs eventually freed humankind from flipping their cassettes (although auto-reverse cassette players were available) and allowed us to skip directed to the songs we want to listen to almost immediately. The CD also introduced almost perfect audio quality and ushered in the era of digital of music, allowing us to easily copy music via these shiny discs.

With over 200 billion of these CDs being sold worldwide, we salute you, Compact Discs.

New Wiimote straps soon? August 6, 2007

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An online forum reader of http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/ has report that there is a fourth generation Wiimote strap. These straps are to prevent the Wiimote slipping from your sweaty palms (while playing) and fly towards your displays units or go crashing out your windows.

This latest incarnation features a lock clip, replacing the sliding clip that of the previous model which tends to slips away from the wrist and loosen the strap. No news on when it hits the streets, whether its available for sale on its own or even its price.

For info sake, the 1st generation straps are the ones that break easily, the 2nd generation straps are replacements ones with a thicker connector to the remote, and the 3rd is mentioned above.

Hello world! July 13, 2007

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Hello world indeed!

This is my second blog location, the 1st being at http://gag-on-it.blogspot.com.

 I started this here to see how much readers I can get here, as well as to reach out to many Malaysian gamers with the latest news (as fast as I can post them) and the latest craze out there that could possibly reach our shores.

In the beginning, I will be taking this as a mirror blog, so you will see repeat posts on both my blogs. This may change eventually to feature other posts, but for now this will remain a mirror blog site.

Thnx for coming by, and happy reading. Oh… do leave some comments on the products/reviews that you do see here, if you see fit….