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Blu-Ray wins the High Def video format, blu-ray in Xbox360 soon? March 11, 2008

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The 1080P High Definition Video format war is over. When HD-DVD exclusive Warner Bros studios switched to support the Blu-Ray format exclusively, the winner was effectively decided. Shortly thereafter, Toshiba (the main player in the HD-DVD format) too announced that they will cease to produce new HD-DVD players and withdrawing from the format war.

Now, its reported that Sony is talking to Microsoft about adopting the Blu-Ray format to its systems. While Sony have approached Apple for the same talks too (Microsoft and Apple are supporters of HD-DVD format), there are now strong rumors that Xbox360 may feature Blu-Ray as standard drive format.

While these are rumors at this point of time, it is not impossible for Xbox360 to adopt the Blu-Ray as the format due to the larger storage capabilities and as games becomes bigger (Lost Oddessey will fit in one dual layer Blu-Ray disc instead of four dual layer DVD dics). Alternatively, Microsoft could come up with a Blu-Ray add-on drive, as they have done with the HD-DVD add-on drive.

This will be interesting to keep watch, to see how Microsoft will react.


Sony “Big Bang” event on October 12, 2007 to announce 40GB PS3? October 2, 2007

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Sony Computer Entertainment US is said to be announcing something major on its “Big Bang” event come October 12, 2007. Many gaming industrial players and enthusiasts are hoping that Sony will announce the cheaper USD$399 40GB PS3, which research is predicting to attract an increase of over 20% demand for the PS3 as of current.

More rumors are aslo being belt out, going as far as setting November 16th as a date that will see the street avaiability of the USD$399 40GB PS3. There were even leaked Best Buy documents showing the stock coding for a certain “40GB PS3” stock in store by October 28th 2007!

Sony is still keeping mums at it, but with recent developments in the FCC, and Sony being eager to counter Xbox360 price cuts and Halo 3, the cheaper 40GB PS3 seemingly getting more real as each day passes. We shall know come October 12th or November 16.

RUMOR: New PS3 starter pack with Heavenly Sword and F1 06?? September 5, 2007

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While I don’t usually indulge in spreading rumors, the following rumor is too good to pass up.

It seems that a contributor (Robinspain) to NEOGaf forum has leaked to the internet an image that supposedly be a new starter pack headed for Europe and/or Australia. At the price of the current starter pack (which is supposed to expire on 31st Aug 2007) of Euro599, the new starter pack is rumored to contain two controllers and two new(er) games. The games are supposedly to be Heavenly Sword and F1 06 (huh??).

Personally, I am inclined to call this a hoax, but who knows if Sony will make an announcement regarding it soon?? Perhaps this starter is actually headed for Asia, and will be announced during CGA Games Convention 2007 tomorrow??