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Latest games in MY stores. September 18, 2008

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (EU) – Action


Infinite Undiscovery (JPN) – RPG
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (EU) – Action
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (US) – Sim
TNA iMPACT! (US) – Wrestling
Warhammer: Battle March (EU) – RTS


Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli (US) – Racing
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All Play (US) – Sports
Mario Super Sluggers (US) – Sports


Blu-Ray wins the High Def video format, blu-ray in Xbox360 soon? March 11, 2008

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The 1080P High Definition Video format war is over. When HD-DVD exclusive Warner Bros studios switched to support the Blu-Ray format exclusively, the winner was effectively decided. Shortly thereafter, Toshiba (the main player in the HD-DVD format) too announced that they will cease to produce new HD-DVD players and withdrawing from the format war.

Now, its reported that Sony is talking to Microsoft about adopting the Blu-Ray format to its systems. While Sony have approached Apple for the same talks too (Microsoft and Apple are supporters of HD-DVD format), there are now strong rumors that Xbox360 may feature Blu-Ray as standard drive format.

While these are rumors at this point of time, it is not impossible for Xbox360 to adopt the Blu-Ray as the format due to the larger storage capabilities and as games becomes bigger (Lost Oddessey will fit in one dual layer Blu-Ray disc instead of four dual layer DVD dics). Alternatively, Microsoft could come up with a Blu-Ray add-on drive, as they have done with the HD-DVD add-on drive.

This will be interesting to keep watch, to see how Microsoft will react.

PS3 Devil May Cry 4 requires HDD install. February 12, 2008

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As a first for PS3, Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4 will install 5GB worth of files on the PS3′s HDD. The whole installation will occur during the initial run of the game and will take a whopping 20 minutes to complete. In that time, Capcom have kindly inserted a history of the entire Devil May Cry series while the PS3 is locked during the installation process.

The installation is supposedly to improve loading times on the PS3, but there are contrasting reports that this may not work that well. Many have said that load times are just few short seconds faster than the DVD streaming of the Xbox360. I will test it out when I get the Xbox360 version soon.

I sure hope that this is not the sign of times to come, as I did not get consoles to bear with installation times.

Transformers, the 2 Disc Special Edition DVD in MY stores now. October 26, 2007

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Transformers, this summers biggest blockbuster, is out in MY stores in a 2 disc standard defination DVD.

Featuring the movie on one disc while housing a set of informative features on the making of the movie on the other disc, this DVD is a must have for fans of the movie, like me! Please take note that the discs are full of hidden items (including Michael Bay’s commentary track), so have fun hunting them.

So head to your nearest local DVD store to get them.

DVD Box Set available in MY stores now. October 5, 2007

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Smallville S6

Numb3rs S3

Brothers and Sisters

30 Rock

Rumor Commentary: 40GB PS3 soon? September 25, 2007

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The internet as well as traditional media have been abuzz with the rumored 40GB PS3. Many industry watchers are suggesting that Sony could be announcing the 40GB PS3 sometime next week, in a bid to steal some of Halo 3’s street release date.

There are more rumbles in the hardware industry players, with some unamed “electronic manufactuing news source” have revealed that Sony have enlisted FoxConn (Taiwan based company that currently produces the Playstation 2) to produce 40GB PS3. Rumors have even planted the 40GB PS3 with a USD$399.90 price level, but fully expecting other lesser specs (no bluetooth, no card readers, no WiFi?) at that price level.

Personally, although I am taking this rumor with a pinch of salt, there are several advantages for Sony to do so.

1) USD$399 price point is seen by industry player as the ceiling price consumers will buy for electronics goods.
2) At USD$399, it makes the (40GB) PS3 a very cheap blu-ray movie player with HD gaming capabilities, as the cheapest HD-DVD standalone players from rival camp Toshiba will be retailing at USD299.
3) With more total PS3 sold, this will also increase the total numbers of consumers of blu-ray movie discs.
4) With Sony deep entrenched in the blu-ray camp, increasing PS3 and blu-ray consumers makes perfect business sense as they will stand to earn from license of blu-ray players, movie deals (they do own several studios) and they dont want a repeat lost of technology format (remember Sony’s betamax videotape lost the format war against JVC’s VHS format).

As Sony is eager to win the next gen DVD format, by push more PS3 into homes with a cheaper USD$399 entry level 40GB PS3 makes perfect business sense to me. We will see if this turns out to the truth in the next few weeks.

DVD Box Set available in MY stores now. September 24, 2007

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After a long breaks, TV series DVD box sets are popping up like wild mushrooms, 3 new sets make their way to the stores the past weekend.

Grey’s Anatomy Season Three (Seriously Extended):

Continuing on the life of the young doctors at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital , the third season of this drama moved on to daytime soap storylines, with the on/off relationship between Meridith and Derrick, wedding plans for Christina and Burke, and even Lizzie and George’s relationship mess. Good news is the series heals itself towards the end. Full third season in 7 DVD discs with extras.

House – Season 3:

With Dr. House on a new treatment that kills his chronic knee pain in season 2’s ending episodes, will Dr. House be lesser of a egoistic, sarcastic, caustic, pain-in-the-face character we have grown to love? Find out in 24 episodes in 5 DVD with extra features.

Note: This is the first time a major studio have released a full 24 episode with extra features in 5 discs, when most studios are moving to increasing them to 7 discs (note above set). Best part of it, the video is still beautiful (although is slightly soft focused as per S1 and S2).

The Office Season 3:

Catch the latest office exploits of Michael Scott, Regional Manager of the office of Dundler-Mifflin’s Scranton branch. With funnyman Steve Carell as Michael, we are shown more facets of the oblivious but kind hearted manager and his lovely staff in… err… The Office, all in 3 DVD discs.

DVD Box Set available in MY stores now. September 21, 2007

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With a great story line that revolves around a few humans across the globe finding out they have developed superpowers, their response to the discovery and how they will come together to fight a central villain, this highly rated series comes to MY shores in 7 DVD discs.

Ugly Betty S1:

Following the life of the unglamorous but good-natured Betty Suarez (Emmy winner in this role, America Ferrera), and her job at the ultra-chic NYC fashion magazine “Mode”. Season pretty much follows Betty’s “fish out of water” work life. This is the american adaptation of the Colombian telenovela “Yo Soy Betty, La Fea” comes in 6 DVD discs.

Till Death S1:

This sitcom shows the funnier side of marriage with two neighbouring couples, one married for 12 days while their neighbour is married for 8743 days (23+ years). Full season in 3 DVD discs.

Spiderman 3 DVD and VCD out in Malaysian stores later today. September 20, 2007

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Spiderman 3 will be released to Malaysian stores today, available on standard def DVD and VCD version. It is unclear which DVD version (or contents) will the stores gets, as the shipments is due to arrive in stores later this evening. No mention of cost either.

There are three standard def DVD versions for the US market (Region One DVD), so I am speculating that the Asian version (Region Three DVD) will contain similar content: –

The single disc version – with bloopers, picture galleries and two commentary tracks.

2-Disc Special Edition – same as the single disc, with additional 11 featurettes in the second DVD. Available in high def blu-ray double disc version too.

The 3 DVD disc pack (highly unlikely) containing all three Spiderman movies in 3 DVD in one pack. Available in high def blu-ray versions too.

Incidentally, the US release of the DVD and Blu-ray of Spiderman 3 sets is scheduled for Oct 30, 2007, so this is a nice early surprise for the Asian region. Please take note that the blu-ray versions of Spiderman 3 is not coming out today, and no news of when it will be here.

DVD Box Set avaiable in stores now. September 4, 2007

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While window shopping, I came across the latest US DVD box set (series) in various stores in KL, MY.

1) Prison Break – Season 2. Continuing the escaping saga of Michael Scofield and his brother Lincoln Burrows, Season 2 features new characters like Alex Mahone as a FBI officer after the brothers, complete with his own dark secrets. A taunt series with plenty of twists in the storyline, Season 2 is a highly recommended set.

2) Weeds – Season 2. Continuing the story of a single mum who is forced to be a marijuana dealer, Season 2 presents Nancy Botwin ever increasing chance of getting caught as a suburban “weed” dealer. Yet another recommended series.

Now when will Heroes – Season 1, The Office (US) – Season 3 and My Name Is Earl – Season 2 be available in the local video stores??