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DVD Box Set available in MY stores now. October 5, 2007

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Smallville S6

Numb3rs S3

Brothers and Sisters

30 Rock


DVD Box Set available in MY stores now. September 24, 2007

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After a long breaks, TV series DVD box sets are popping up like wild mushrooms, 3 new sets make their way to the stores the past weekend.

Grey’s Anatomy Season Three (Seriously Extended):

Continuing on the life of the young doctors at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital , the third season of this drama moved on to daytime soap storylines, with the on/off relationship between Meridith and Derrick, wedding plans for Christina and Burke, and even Lizzie and George’s relationship mess. Good news is the series heals itself towards the end. Full third season in 7 DVD discs with extras.

House – Season 3:

With Dr. House on a new treatment that kills his chronic knee pain in season 2’s ending episodes, will Dr. House be lesser of a egoistic, sarcastic, caustic, pain-in-the-face character we have grown to love? Find out in 24 episodes in 5 DVD with extra features.

Note: This is the first time a major studio have released a full 24 episode with extra features in 5 discs, when most studios are moving to increasing them to 7 discs (note above set). Best part of it, the video is still beautiful (although is slightly soft focused as per S1 and S2).

The Office Season 3:

Catch the latest office exploits of Michael Scott, Regional Manager of the office of Dundler-Mifflin’s Scranton branch. With funnyman Steve Carell as Michael, we are shown more facets of the oblivious but kind hearted manager and his lovely staff in… err… The Office, all in 3 DVD discs.

DVD Box Set available in MY stores now. September 21, 2007

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With a great story line that revolves around a few humans across the globe finding out they have developed superpowers, their response to the discovery and how they will come together to fight a central villain, this highly rated series comes to MY shores in 7 DVD discs.

Ugly Betty S1:

Following the life of the unglamorous but good-natured Betty Suarez (Emmy winner in this role, America Ferrera), and her job at the ultra-chic NYC fashion magazine “Mode”. Season pretty much follows Betty’s “fish out of water” work life. This is the american adaptation of the Colombian telenovela “Yo Soy Betty, La Fea” comes in 6 DVD discs.

Till Death S1:

This sitcom shows the funnier side of marriage with two neighbouring couples, one married for 12 days while their neighbour is married for 8743 days (23+ years). Full season in 3 DVD discs.