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PS3 Officially Launches in Malaysia, on Sept 20th. September 12, 2008

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Its finally here, Sony Malaysia have announced that PS3 will be officially sold in Malaysia. It will be launched 10am on Sept 20th at 1U at Ground Floor Highstreet New Wing (that’s a popular mall in PJ, locals will know how to get there) and there is even a 24hours Soul Calibur IV tournament before the launch day.

For the launch, Sony Malaysia will be selling a special launch bundle:

80GB PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) Bundle Early Birds Promotion

1 x 80GB PS3™ (CECHK06)
1 x DUALSHOCK 3® Wireless Controller
1 x Soul Calibur IV™ game
1 x Selected PS3™ game (Resistance, Ratchet and Clank Future, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Assassin’s Creed)
1 x Custom made PS3™ Tote bag
1 x Soul Calibur IV™ CD holder
Price: RM 1,799

To sweeten the bundle further, Sony Malaysia have generously added special gifts for the first 120 buyers of the PS3 Malaysian bundle, as detailed below:-

1st – 3rd customer – RM 1,000 Sony Cash Voucher
4th – 21st customer – RM 500 Sony Cash Voucher
22nd – 50th customer – RM 300 Sony Cash Voucher
51st – 120th customer – RM 100 Sony Cash Voucher

To facilate for those who wants to be 1st in line, the queue line will be opened at 8am, so plan your day/night well.

And not forgetting those of you who don’t ever leave the house, Sony Malaysia have generously made the same PS3 Malaysian bundle available as an online pre-order purchase. The first 20 online buyers will get a bonus Blu-ray movie thrown in. However, details on the online purchase, delivery method and the free Blu-ray movie are not included.

All these details (except for the online pre-order deal) are available from here (http://corp.sony.com.my/3/main.asp).

What this means is that Malaysia will join HK, Singapore and Taiwan as the 4th country to officially have the PS3 (Japan is a whole region as far as PS3 distribution, and its not Asian region). All these while, the PS3s in MY stores are simply parallel imports (usually from Singapore) and the warranty is from the country of origin only. With the launch, Malaysian PS3s can be repaired by Sony service centres in Malaysia itself.

Hopefully, this will lead Sony Malaysia to bring in PS3 games directly as well as any PS3 peripherals and accessories, and that the prices will be cheaper than the parallel imports.


Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3 arrives in MY! June 12, 2008

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Here it is, available on the exact worldwide launch date! Yes, it’s the Asian version (with English and Chinese language options) of Konami‘s Metal Gear Solid 4 for Sony‘s PS3 console. It was available in KL since late last night and with every purchase of the game, you get a free poster (pictured above with the game at the lower left corner). Its very cool to get some freebie especially with a game that’s expected to be sold out very quickly.

The game is actually brought in by a local company (as opposed to importing from SG, which usually means that we get the games few days later after the street dates). Lets hope that this company will continue to bring us the games at such fast pace in the future. Kudos to them.

Note: Asian version refers to Sony Entertainment HK (which that covers territories as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore) – and not Sony Entertainment Japan – which western sites (like Engadget, Joystiq) are referring to as Asian. Lets hope they pick this info up.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition bundle for US official. May 16, 2008

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US gamers can stop hating their Japanese counterparts now. The limited edition gunmetal grey Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 hardware bundle is official for the US market.

Setting your wallet lighter by USD600 (RM1980), the bundle will be available from March 19, 2008 but ONLY exclusively from Konami.com website. The bundle will include a 40GB gunmetal PS3 console, a matching color Dualshock3, Metal Gear Online starter pack, an exclusive blu-ray disc containing “making of documentary” and production team look, and the Metal Gear Solid 4 game disc, of course.

As the set is limited in quantity, better rush to Konami‘s website on March 19 if you want it.

PS3 Firmware 2.20 is available now. March 27, 2008

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SCEH released PS3 Firmware V2.20 via PLAYSTATION Network last night. The firmware is a 121.8MB download and installs into your PS3.
The firmware update enables BD-Live, a feature that enables users to access online contents for Blu-Ray movies. The 2GB file size restrictions for DivX and WMV movies have been removed too.
Also available are updates to playlists (users can copy their PS3 playlist to PSP) and other minor tweaks.
Good times for BD movies buff using the PS3.

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (Traditional Chinese) available for puchase now. March 27, 2008

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For local gamers looking to get their copy of Sony’s much anticipated “demo” Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (Traditional Chinese), you have two options. The game is available for download from Playstation Stores from Sony HK, Singapore or Taiwan, and this option will cost you HK$298 / SG$59.99 / NT$1320 respectively. Alternatively, you can get the Blu-Ray disc version from the same markets at HK$328 / SG$66(tax included) / NT$1490.

The main difference is that the BD (Blu-Ray Disc) version will have the game codes and movies for the Gran Turismo TV (GTTV – featuring motor sports news) while the download version will require additional content download for GTTV after the game’s code is installed.

The download will be approximately 1.9GB in size, so if you dont have a speedy connection and is very impatient to play GT5: Prologue (Traditional Chinese) in your PS3 (like me!), get the BD version as its much easier.

Blu-Ray wins the High Def video format, blu-ray in Xbox360 soon? March 11, 2008

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The 1080P High Definition Video format war is over. When HD-DVD exclusive Warner Bros studios switched to support the Blu-Ray format exclusively, the winner was effectively decided. Shortly thereafter, Toshiba (the main player in the HD-DVD format) too announced that they will cease to produce new HD-DVD players and withdrawing from the format war.

Now, its reported that Sony is talking to Microsoft about adopting the Blu-Ray format to its systems. While Sony have approached Apple for the same talks too (Microsoft and Apple are supporters of HD-DVD format), there are now strong rumors that Xbox360 may feature Blu-Ray as standard drive format.

While these are rumors at this point of time, it is not impossible for Xbox360 to adopt the Blu-Ray as the format due to the larger storage capabilities and as games becomes bigger (Lost Oddessey will fit in one dual layer Blu-Ray disc instead of four dual layer DVD dics). Alternatively, Microsoft could come up with a Blu-Ray add-on drive, as they have done with the HD-DVD add-on drive.

This will be interesting to keep watch, to see how Microsoft will react.

Hackers able to run PS3 back-ups via HDDs! February 12, 2008

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Hackers working on PS3 have manged to run PS3 retail games back-ups off its internal HDD or via USB HDD! This may soon lead to piracy issues similar to Sony’s PSP UMD games being run off the Memory Sticks. While there seems to be more that needs to be done before this leads to mass piracy so rampant on the PSP, but things are slowly creeping towards that eventuality. Oh no!

While some are quick to point out that blu-ray discs can contain up to 25GB of data in one single layered disc, it must be noted that cross platformed games appearing on Xbox360s and PS3s does run on dual layered standard DVD (9.6GB) for the Xbox360 console. This simply means that current games are not using the limit of the blu-ray discs yet. So a 40GB HDD PS3 could still store up to 4 dual layered DVD games, theoritically speaking.

This will be very interesting to watch, as the PS3 is seemingly close to being fully hacked for piracy.

Link to the mumbo jumbo tech stuff here.

Xbox360 HD DVD prices cut to USD130 each. February 12, 2008

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Microsoft had announced further price reduction of the Xbox360 HD-DVD addon peripheral. With immediate effect (from last week, I was slow in reporting this), you can get it for only USD130 (RM560), down from USD180 previously.

While this latest move will undoubtly save HD DVD from losing the format war (Blu-ray have many exclusive studios, with Warner being the latest to run away from HD DVD to be Blu-ray exclusive), its a good time to invest in one unit if you are wanting to see high defination movies via the Xbox360.

Me? I will stick to my blu-ray playing PS3 for my high def movie fixes.

PS3 Firmware 2.10 is available in US. December 18, 2007

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Firmware 2.10 is out in US. It adds DivX (and xviD) and WMV support to the PS3. Also added are Blu-Ray Profile 1.1 which adds features like Pic-in-Pic capabilities (something HD-DVD have long time ago).

Firmware 2.10 is not yet available for Asian region yet (www.asia.playstation.com) but I am sure it will be there few hours later, so check it again later.

Spiderman 3, the 2 Blu-Ray Disc Special Edition, in MY stores now. October 31, 2007

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Spiderman 3 (2 discs Special Edition), of the blu-ray flavor, can be found in local video stores now (although you may need to do a bit of walking to find them on shelves). One store indicates the price of the blu-ray set at RM179.00.

Happy hunting.