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Taito multi-touch screen arcade game, “The Wheel of Eternity”. September 18, 2007

Posted by stvchang in Arcade, games, gaming news.
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Taito have announced a new card based arcade game, called “The Wheel of Eternity”. Developed in collaboration with Square Enix, the players will place special cards onto the table arcade unit’s screen, where it will read and detect player cards’ status, arrangements and movement, which will be translated to the game.

While this is not new as Sega have released Sanogokushi Taisen and another card based football game onto the arcade tables, Taito is using the latest in multi-touch LCD screen technology. Microsoft too had the multi-touch screen announced not too long ago, known as “Surface”.

I doubt “The Wheel of Eternity” will hit MY shores, but I suppose that SG will get them, as they did get Sega’s Sanogoku Taisen. Will report on the arcade unit if it shows up in SG.