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GTAIV arrives in MY, and along comes problems! April 30, 2008

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The much awaited and anticipated open world game from Rockstar arrives in MY, but only the Xbox360 version for now. Unfortunately, the PS3 versions have not arrive so there will be more waiting for PS3 users, and this means that I could not compare the two versions yet. Even as the game just arrives, the internet boards have lit up with several problems being mentioned.

The biggest problem so far are reports that GTAIV is locking up during or after the FIRST cutscene! This problem appears on both consoles, and Rockstar is working hard to find out the problem. The other problem mentioned is specifically for PS3 players only. It seems that the system is having some problem in connecting to the multiplayer portion of the game. If players try to connect the multiplayer by dialing the option on the phone, users will get the messages: “Cannot connect to game provider, please try again later”. This could simply be due to the massive amount of players trying to connect to the servers, but Rockstar is also looking into this issue.

There you have it, GTAIV finally arrives in MY(even if only the Xbox360 version, so PS3 owners sulk a few more days, like me!), but it seems that there are some bugs that have followed it too. Also note that the PS3 version requires a 3.4GB HDD install while not for the XBox360.

Let me know if the problems happens to you.



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