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Hackers able to run PS3 back-ups via HDDs! February 12, 2008

Posted by stvchang in blu-ray, blu-ray discs, games, gaming news, hack, PS3, PS3 games, tech news, tech stuff.

Hackers working on PS3 have manged to run PS3 retail games back-ups off its internal HDD or via USB HDD! This may soon lead to piracy issues similar to Sony’s PSP UMD games being run off the Memory Sticks. While there seems to be more that needs to be done before this leads to mass piracy so rampant on the PSP, but things are slowly creeping towards that eventuality. Oh no!

While some are quick to point out that blu-ray discs can contain up to 25GB of data in one single layered disc, it must be noted that cross platformed games appearing on Xbox360s and PS3s does run on dual layered standard DVD (9.6GB) for the Xbox360 console. This simply means that current games are not using the limit of the blu-ray discs yet. So a 40GB HDD PS3 could still store up to 4 dual layered DVD games, theoritically speaking.

This will be very interesting to watch, as the PS3 is seemingly close to being fully hacked for piracy.

Link to the mumbo jumbo tech stuff here.



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