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Wii Photo Channel 1.1, revert back to 1.0 for MP3 support. December 14, 2007

Posted by stvchang in gadgets, gaming news, Nintendo, tech news, tech stuff, Wii.

If you prefer to play MP3 music while you view your photos on your Wii, please do not update to Photo Channel 1.1 as this version only supports AAC format music (as reported earlier).

However, if you have update to version 1.1 but still prefer to have MP3 support, then Nintendo have provided the steps you need to perform to revert your Photo Channel back to version 1.0 (that supports MP3).

Here it is (if you dont wish to go to Nintendo’s page):-

From the main menu, click the “Wii” button;
Select “Data Management”;
Select “Channels”;
Select “Photo Channel 1.1” and confirm you want to delete it;

After that, Photo Channel 1.0 will automatically be available again from your Wii menu.
If you ever change your mind, simply go back to the Wii Shop Channel and re-download Photo Channel 1.1!

For Wiis shipped in December 2007 and after, Nintendo have preinstalled Photo Channel 1.1 and you cant perform the steps above to get Photo Channel 1.0. New Wii owners will have to live with AAC support only.



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