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Semi-bricked Wii: What is it and how to unbrick it? December 14, 2007

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With many request for semi-bricked Wii and the solution to unbrick it, I have decided to share on how I semi-bricked my Wii and how I was able to unbrick it later.

Please note that Nintendo Wiis are region locked and accordingly, their firmware is also region locked. This mean that you can only update the Wii by using firmware from the same region. Wiis have 3 main regions: NTSC Japan (3.0J), NTSC US (3.0U) and PAL Europe (3.0E); the alphabet behind the firmware represents the region it beloings to.

Many Wii owners have accidentally semi-bricked their Wii when they installed the wrong firmware that don’t correspond regions. Usually, installing firmware from a different region that you Wii will brick the “Wii Setting” menu, basically it gives you an error message stating a problem in accessing the Internet via the Opera browser.

This effectively prevents you from accessing the Wii Settings menu. Games will still load and play, but you simply cant change any settings on your Wii, thus the term “Semi-brick” used by myself.

This happened to me when I inserted Super Mario Galaxy JAPAN without noticing the game’s region coding, and proceeded to install the firmware. After installing the firmware, my Wii Setting menu crashed with the prior mentioned error code. The games plays fine, but I am stuck with a locked Wii Setting menu.

The solution to this is rather simple. Just wait for the next Nintendo first party game to be released, get that game and make sure it is the same region as your Wii and load it up. Most first party titles by Nintendo comes with a firmware checker, it checks the firmware in your Wii and updates it to the latest version on the disc. Run the update if the disc prompts you to, and it should install the firmware as per the same region as your Wii, and unlocks the Wii Settings menu.

For me, I used Link’s Crossbow Training. It ran on my Wii and asked for a firmware update. I installed the update, and behold, my Wii Setting menu is back up and running Firmware 3.0U.

So for those of you who had semi-bricked your Wii, feel free to try this method as it has proven successful to me and other users having the same issues.

Disclaimer: Following the method mentioned above don’t guarantee absolute success, just simply coz it worked for me. Also, this method may not unbrick modded Wii. Leave your comments if it works for you.



1. 5h1n - June 26, 2008

Same as me.
But in my case, i play incredible hulk, my wii is US version

i already update my wii with link crosbow training before,
i also already tried used it to fix my wii, but actually it can’t update T_T

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