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Wii Fit out in Japan. December 4, 2007

Posted by stvchang in gadgets, games, gaming news, Nintendo, tech news, Wii, Wii games.

Wii Fit is out in Japan as of Dec 1, 2007. Nintendo of Japan’s idea of getting their customers healthy via a console game is shipped with a new peripheral, the Balance Board. The Balance Board is wireless with its own sensors, and connects to the Wii effortlessly powered by 4AA batteries, and weighs slightly more that Wii itself.

Players, or rather users, loads up the game and steps on the Balance Board. Data such as age, height and clothing that you are wearing (it does affect your weight) needs to be entered, and Wii Fit will do the rest. It will give you your weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) and spells out your ideal BMI.

You can then choose to set your target BMI and planned duration to achieve it, and Wii Fit will help you work out towards your target. There are 4 main groups of exercises to be had: Yoga, Balance Training, Cardiovascular Workout, and Muscle Training. Each type has 9 to 15 exercises, and you unlocked new ones with points earned based on the amount of time you’ve spent working out.

Wii Fit allows up to 8 users with individual password access to secure your data and progress. Retailing at 8300Yen or USD$80 (RM280), the whole package consists of a Wii Fit disc (can call it a game?), Balance Board with wireless sensors and 4AA batteries. US will get Wii Fit sometime in January 2008.



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