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Super Mario Galaxy disc contains Firmware 3.1 update, semi-brick modded Wiis!! November 21, 2007

Posted by stvchang in games, gaming news, Nintendo, tech news, Wii, Wii games.

Super Mario Galaxy discs comes with Firmware update 3.1 for the Wii. Nintendo have apparently added some form of copy protection method in it.

Upon insertion of the SMG disc into the Wii, it will prompt for a Firmware update to 3.1. What happens next differs from different mod chip users. Some will report a black screen in the middle of updates, some reports of the screen “hangs” at 30+%, then shoots up to 100% (WiiKey: mine did exactly the same).

After the firmware update, SMG wont play and give you an error, stating that it has detected an unauthorised device within your Wii (that’s the mod cip in case you are wondering). You will then need to reset the Wii. Also, it will freezes up your access to Wii settings (as some mod chips enables Wii game region change settings here). Luckily, other games are still playable.

So updating to Firmware 3.1 effectively semi-bricks your Wii. Update at your own risk. Meanwhile, I will be looking for some solution here (ie.WiiKey update to 1.9g)



1. Ali - July 5, 2008

hey i have a question pleas answer this ASAP
this game contains version upgrade of 3.1U and my wii is 3.2U with modification , will it still run its update even though i have 3.2U?
or is it completly safe to run it on a modified wii with firmware 3.2U?

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