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Sony PS3 turns ONE. November 20, 2007

Posted by stvchang in games, gaming news, PS3, PS3 games, Sony.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sony PS3, you turned ONE this week.

Some history in case you are wanting to get the facts:-

PS3 – launched on Nov 11th 2006 in Japan, Nov 17th 2006 in Japan and Sept 07 in Singapore (my region).

Had a stumbling first year, with reports from games developers that its a bitch of a system to develop for. Sony’s PR liken this to PS2, where it too had the same comments early part of its life.

Games are often delayed and Sony PS2 exclusives (Devil May Cry 4, Silent Hill 5) were lost. However, towards its first birthday, PS3 redeemed itself with several high quality games like Heavenly Sword, Call of Duty 4, Assassins Creed, exclusives Ratchet & Clank Future and Uncharted, have propelled the system back on track.

Also, in Nov 2007, Sony rolled out the cheaper 40GB version, which proved to be a hit despite it losing several features. Also, Nov is the roll out month (in Japan at least) for the rumble enabled Dual Shock 3.

The next year is expected to be better for the PS3, with a cheaper console in the markets, and bigger exclusive games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XIII is hoped to push the system to greater heights.

Pics from Engadget.



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