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Dual Shock 3 out in Japan, is compatible with PS2 games. November 16, 2007

Posted by stvchang in games, gaming news, ps2, PS2 games, PS3, PS3 games, Sony, tech news.

Dual Shock 3 is out in Japan this week, retailing at Yen 5,500. Some PS3 games have rumble support out of the box (Ratchet and Clank Future, Uncharted), while some required updates (Resistance).

And its is rumble compatible with PS2 games too, guess now we know why Sony chose to use the older rumble technology as they rejected the new generation rumble technology from Immersion.

Good luck in finding one locally, but I won’t give up hunting so soon. Else, you can import it as with all PS3 related stuff, its region free.

Pic from Engadget.



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