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Update: Uncharted US demo now region unlocked for all. November 10, 2007

Posted by stvchang in games, games demo, gaming news, PS3, PS3 games, Sony.

Christophe Balestra, Co-President at Naughty Dog, have apologised to PS3 users outside US that have spent time downloading Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune demo (me included). He posted this in Playstation blog:

“We’re really sorry about what happened and didn’t anticipate this at all. We just didn’t know people from other territories could connect to the US PLAYSTATION Network Store and download demos … now we do! We’ve been too busy working on the game to wrap our head’s around the infrastructure of the PSN.
We absolutely did not plan the demo to be region locked. As soon as we figured out the problem existed, Sam Thompson called me and I jumped into my car, drove to the office and fixed it right away. It’s an honest mistake and we didn’t try to prevent anybody from enjoying the Uncharted demo. I feel even more sorry because most of the people who experienced the problem are in Europe and I’m European myself.
So again, we’re really sorry about what happened and it wasn’t done on purpose. The good news is it’s now fixed and a new demo of Uncharted has been posted to the US PLAYSTATION Network Store so the entire world can enjoy it.”

There you go. It was not Sony’s decision to region lock the demo and Naughty Dog have corrected themselves by unlocking the demo. So its safe to go to US PSN and download the demo now.

I am doing so as I post this, and if the demo dont work on Asian PS3 again, read about it here soon.



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