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Guitar Heroes III’s faulty guitar controller connections FIX-IT. November 6, 2007

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Some of the new Guitar Heroes III Les Paul guitar controller appear to have connection problems. The root cause seems to be at the connection point between the neck and the body of the guitar.

In order to save box space and mother earth (but it could be due to saving cost, but what do I know?), the Guitar Heroes III Les Paul guitar controller was “broken” into two parts, the neck and the body. These two parts are to be assembled to resemble a full guitar by connectors, and here is the problematic area.

It seems that the PCB board surface (on the neck) and the pin connectors (on the body) does not maintain contact very well. Several options were posted on the internet by ingenious users, and here are two ways.

The Simple FIX:

As per pix above, affix a 3M Utility Hook on the body and strap a rubber band onto the neck. This will improve the connection, but may not last too long (even if the 3M hooks do have very strong and lasting adhesive backs).

The complicated FIX:

By this method, you will need to loosen several screws on the neck, pry the fret part open, and re-position the PCB board. Its not as complicated as it sounds, but it does take some technical knowledge (using a Torx screw driver) and finesse touch (prying open a plasticky part). Click here to see the instructions and pictures.

Warning, do this at your own risk and success is not guaranteed. But if it helps to improve the connection, try ahead.

Note: The pix are of the Xbox360 controller, there are no information if the PS3, Wii or PS2 versions suffer similar problems, but as the controllers are built similarly, I suppose the problem may exist on Sony’s or Nintendo’s versions too.



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