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Glitch: Copied and printed Eye of Judgement cards, plays fine. October 30, 2007

Posted by stvchang in gadgets, games, PS3, PS3 games, Sony.

It seems that the security features (the special ink with magical properties) used to print the cards for PS3‘s Eye of Judgement game has flaws. You can copy the cards, print them using regular color printers, and the Eye Play camera will still read them fine.

While the game itself has anti cheater codes (like limiting total numbers of special cards) in built, this does seem to be a big problem for Sony and developer Wizards of the Coast. Players can now find the special and rare cards online from other players who will scan these cards and post them online, perhaps some entrepreneurial ones will start charging a small fee for access to these cards. This will surely hurt Sony and Wizards as they see future income in terms of expansion card packs sold to players.

I suppose a patch by Wizards will be out soon, but as there is already a way to copy and use the cards with the distribution power of the world wide web, Sony and Wizards stands to lose big time if they cant come up with a solution. Lets not hurt Sony any further, financially.

Pic source: http://kotaku.com/



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