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Asia gets the ceramic white 40GB PS3 in November, while AU gets black ones in October. October 10, 2007

Posted by stvchang in games, gaming news, PS3, PS3 games, Sony.

Sony have finally unveiled the 40GB PS3 for other SCE regions. It seems that Japan is not the only region getting the new ceramic white 40GB PS3. The same system (model CECHG06CW) will be available for the Asian region as well as the regular black version (CECHG06). All specifications of the Asian and AU version are similar to the EU version, no backwards compatibility to PS2 games, no card reader and 2 USB ports.

Priced at SGD$559(USD$374/RM1280), the 40GB PS3 models will be launched in Singapore on November 11th, the same day Japan gets it. Similarly, Australia will be getting their 40GB PS3 (only in black) on October 12th, priced at AUD$699.95

Now it seems that SCEA (US) is the only region not to have the 40GB PS3 officially announced but its rumored that US wil get them sometime early November. It seems that Sony is very serious in wanting to play catch up and reclaim the world’s most popular console throne (as they did with with PS2) away from Nintendo Wii.



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