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Slim PSP-2000 TV-out cables available in SG now. September 26, 2007

Posted by stvchang in gadgets, PSP, Sony.

The new “slim and lite” PSP-2000 have a major upgrade in it, and its not the smaller dimensions. PSP-2000 can display its display into your living room TV, be it flashy new LCD/Plasma flat screen or the older CRT types. All this is achievable using the new TV-out cables.

These cables comes in 2 variation, a component (with 5 out sockets, RGB and stereo audio) and a composite (with 3 out sockets, Yellow for video and stereo audio). It must be noted that if you desire to playing your PSP games on the bigger TV screens, you must get the component cables, as native PSP games displays in 480P (which is not achievable using the composite out cables).

As PSP firmware V3.40 has made the PSP able to output full D1 DVD resolutions (720X480), it should be able to display UMD movies to your TV with clear images.

The cables are hard to find, but available in select stores in Singapore, retailing at SG45.00 (RM104).



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