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Dual Shock 3 confirmed. September 20, 2007

Posted by stvchang in Game shows, gaming news, PS3, Sony, tech news.

In confirmation of “Rumbleaxis”, Sony announced it during its press conference at Tokyo Games Show 2007 few hours ago, and they have decided to name it “Dual Shock 3“.

Looking exactly as the Sixaxis, Sony retained its motion sensing functionality,design and shape while added the rumble feature. This has made the Dual Shock 3 slightly heavier (due to the presence of the rumble motors). And in order to differentiate the Sixaxis and the new rumbled enabled controller (as they look exactly alike), Sony have added an identification line in blue on the Dual Shock 3, above the Sixaxis name (as per picture above, thanks to Engadget).

The controller will launch in November in Japan. America and Europe will get it in spring 2008, but no mention of the price of the Dual Shock 3. These games are also announced as supporting the Dual Shock 3’s rumble: Imabikisou, Dynasty Warriors 6, G1 Jockey 4, MGS4, Metal Gear Online, Devil May Cry 4, Ratchet and Clank Future, uncharted, echochorme, and Toy Home (by SCEE). Burnout Paradise (EA) will also support the rumble, as the Dual Shock 3 is being showed running the game in EA’s TGS 2007 booth.



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