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In2Games to bring motion sensing games to PS2. August 20, 2007

Posted by stvchang in games, gaming news, Nintendo, Sony, Wii.

As Nintendo’s Wii is poised to be the numero uno (number one) in worldwide sales very soon (currently 10.41million Wii sold versus 10.43million Xbox360 sold) , motion sensing controllers are the flavor of the year.

Sensing this (pun intended), In2Games have announced a whole set of games that rivals the Wii Sports/Wii Play, for the PS2! These games under the Realplay moniker, consisting of Golf, Tennis, Pool, Racing, Bowling, and Puzzlesphere (?). Each of these games will ship with a custom shell and a motion sensing controller, and is said to be priced at US$60 (RM207) per pop.

No pictures of the controller or the games have been released, and In2Games are said to be targeting existing PS2 owners who have not jumped on to Wii bandwagon yet.

I am not sure of how well these games/controllers will work as compared to the Wii, but if I were to get all 6 titles at US$60 a pop, that will cost me US$360 (RM1200) in total! With that much money required to get games for the aged PS2, I will be buying a Wii with Wii Sports instead.



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