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Wii Firmware 3.0 have been reported to be safe for modded Wiis. August 10, 2007

Posted by stvchang in games, gaming news, Nintendo, tech news, Wii.

Wii Firmware 3.0 upgrade have been reported as not “brick” your modded Wii. Many modded users (WiiKey, WiiFree, Wiinja, CycloWiz and etc.) have confirmed that their unit still works after the firmware upgrade.

However, the firmware kills the use unauthorised discs from Datel’s range of products for Wii, namely the Freeloader, Action Replay and MaxDrive. If you have been using Freeloader to play imported Wii or Gamecube games from other regions (or even playing backups…. gosh!!), you will be greeted with a DRE (Disc Read Error) message and no longer be able to see the disc swap page. I doubt many owners actually use Datel’s products in this region (South East Asia), so there may not be a lot of you affected by this.

Also, some other improved features of the 3.0 firmware are:-

  • Improved loading times between menu changes.
  • The fan may come on during standby mode, helps cools the unit especially during WiiConnect24 operation.
  • Disc slot blue LED now glows during disc entry and eject, instead of a blink.
  • The “+” and “-” keys can be used for for scrolling the options.

Note: While I have gathered many information of not “bricking” of modded Wiis after the 3.0 firmware upgrade from the internet, you will be totally responsible for the anything that happens to your modded Wii if you decide to do so. Please don’t rely on my article as the absolute truth, so you have been warned.



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