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Wii Firmware 3.0 is now available. August 7, 2007

Posted by stvchang in gaming news, tech news, Wii.


Wii owners can head to the Wii Shop Channel (if you have an internet connection to your WiFi enabled Wii) and download the latest firmware update released by Nintendo. This update will bring your firmware to version 3.0, with some changes to the Wii console look as the majority of the changes are within the Wii Shop Channel itself.

On the consoles main menu, a digital clock is added to the bottom of the Wii menu. The Wii News and Weather Channels have new displays for up to date information, with the News Channel able to scroll two lines of headlines when clicked on. Within the Wii Message Board, Today’s Accomplishment notes are now as white envelopes to help users differentiate it and the standard yellow notes, which is now also ignored by the calender. The scrolling sound effect is now a click sound, and owners can now grab and move entrees in their address book by pressing A and B together, like when you are grabbing your Miis and other menu items.

As for the the Wii Shop Channel, it’s now includes four recommended titles, with twenty further selected titles just a click away, and also available is a list of the channel’s most popular games, ranked by downloads. All titles are now sorted by publisher, genre and system. with a new search function which is a great addition to look thru the bulging library of available games.

WiiConnect24-enabled consoles will get a prompt to download the update when they power up their Wiis, while for the rest of you, just head to the Wii Settings menu and select the Update option when you’re ready for a bit of Wii 3.0 action.

How this will affect the modded Wiis (seeing that NOA is very much into curbing mod chips in the Wiis) is unknown, so downloading the Wii Firmware 3.0 is at you own risk of “bricking” your modded Wii.

You have been warned.



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