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New Wii games. August 2, 2007

Posted by stvchang in games, Wii.

Two new Wii games are available at local retails stores (at least in KL) since 30th July 2007. These games are Sega’s Alien Syndrome and Secret Stash Game’s Escape From Bug Island. Here’s my summary review (will do a full review if time permits).


Escape From Bug Island is an “insect survival horror game” where you find yourself battling gigantic bugs on a deserted island. The game features Wiimote and Nunchuk movement for controls, ugly PS2ish graphics for Wii (compared to the premier survival horror title AKA Resident Evil 4 also available for Wii), sluggish movement controls, but feature a rather interesting way of playing as you swing your Wiimote as if you are holding a weapon and also to evade danger.

Rating: 4/10 (mainly for the Wii motions). Get it if you are a big fan of survival horror games, but I will replay Resident Evil 4 over getting this game or wait for Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for my survival horror fix.


Alien Syndrome is a isometric top down shooter. This game is a port of a PSP game, with Wii IR features for aiming. Featuring weak but slightly better than PSP graphics (it is a PSP port) and a way better aiming system with the IR aiming, this game also offer RPG like features like character upgrading as well as the ability to create stuff to use during the battle.

Rating: 5.5/10. Get it if you dig top down shooters like the old school Contra or even the original Alien Syndrome on Sega Genesis.



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