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Rumor: Rumble going back into the Sixaxis? August 2, 2007

Posted by stvchang in gaming news, PS3, tech news.

Rumor One: It is rumored that games developers have been given access to new Sixaxis controllers WITH rumble features. Also, it is also rumored that the new Sixaxis with rumble (netizens have dubbed it as “Rumbleaxis”) will be revealed two or three months later, when there will be some games that support it can demo the function.

This should be exciting news as the PS3 Sixaxis do not feature any rumble feature since launch, so in the close future, gamers will be able to feel the rumble in their controller once again.

Rumor Two: It is also rumored that a new and improved Sixaxis have been shipped with new PS3s. The newer Sixaxis is said to have refined motion control sensors. Its been said that the older Sixaxis have a bigger dead zone making it less sensitive.

Rumor Three: Finally, it also a rumor that the 80GB PS3 will ship with the new Rumbleaxis. Some eagle eyed gamers have noticed that the Sixaxis picture on the new 80GB PS3 box has a red PS logo, and are quick to deduce that this is the new rumble-enabled Sixaxis.

Which of these are true? I’d say rumors one and two are the stronger, while rumor three is anyone’s guess until the 80GB version hits the streets in a few months time. Keep checking this space.



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