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SONY LCD TV KLV40-V300A outputs at 1080P! July 20, 2007

Posted by stvchang in LCD TV.

I was walking pass a retail electronics store and my eyes came upon this LCD TV. This store has a PS3 running demos of blu-ray movies to show off Sony’s LCD TVs, and I love to walk in to see the blu-ray movies in full HD 1080P output on Sony’s X-series LCD TV.

They had hooked the PS3 directly to Sony’s V-series 40in LCD TV today and I had noticed that the movie playing was very sharp (Ultra Violet was playing). When they replayed the movie, I noticed that the output resolution was set at 1080P!! And my eyes nearly jumped out in disbelief, as I knew the V series cant output to 1080P.
Upon very closer inspection, this is the spanking new V-300 series, which replaces the older V200 series. I don’t have the specs of the V200, but I know that its considered as the middle range of the LCD TVs from Sony.
The best feature to this V300 series is the ability to run 1080P resolution lines while having a native 1366×768 panel, effectively making it the highest output capable HD panel. Most LCD TVs up to now can only run outputs up to 1080i only, and this means that you no longer have to get a Full HD 1920×1080 panels to get 1080P outputs. This is very significant as Full HD 1920×1080 panels have to be bigger than 46in for you to fully enjoy the details and clarity.
So as the V300 has smaller panels (32 and 40 inches), you can enjoy the smoothness of a 1080P output on these panels. Best of all, the V300 prices are comparable to the older S-series, with 32inch model retailing at RM3999.00, 40inch at RM6,999.00 and the 46in at RM9,999.00 only.
Now if only Sony reps reads this and decides to loan me a review unit….



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