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PS3 price dropped, and 80GB model announced July 13, 2007

Posted by stvchang in PS3.

Its official, Sony has announce the news that many fan-boys out there are screaming for. With effect from today 9th July 2007, the 60GB PS3 has been price have been reduced to USD499, that’s a USD100 off the launch price.

Also, an 80GB version bundled with Motorstorm have been announced too, and this version will be made available in August (in US) and South Korea (!!). This new version and bundle, as I believe it to be, will be usedto compete head to head versus the Xbox360 Elite, which ships with a 120GB HDD at USD499.

How this will affect the prices here in MY? Well, don’t expect a drop in price from the retailers in MY just yet as their stocks are mainly parallel imports, meaning that their prices are fixed cost landed. I wont be waiting holding my breath, as the prices will only drop when the bring in new stocks from US at the new prices. But still, expect the prices to hover in the RM1500 price range sometime after August/September period. Will try to get some news about the Asian version soon (most retail PS3 units in MY and SG version are the Asian version).

I have foreseen the price drop, as the PS3 are not moving off the shelves in US and Sony desperately need to get back into the game. Moreover, their blu-ray movie discs are not getting as spectacular reviews as compared to HD-DVD, and that is hurting the PS3 even more.

With a lower selling price, Sony will take much longer to recover the losses each unit sold, but this will make the units more affordable as a premier gaming machine WITH a 1080p high def blu-ray movie player. With more units sold, game developers will see the PS3 as a viable platform for exclusive games (Liar is the exclusive for PS3 coming out in August). And with more PS3 sold, the demand for Sony’s blu-ray movie discs will also increase and more units being sold.

All this translates to good news to consumers, especially if you have been waiting for the PS3 to be more affordable.



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