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E3 2007: Guncon 3 for PS3 July 13, 2007

Posted by stvchang in PS3.


Namco shows off its new peripheral, Guncon 3, for Time Crisis 4. This light gun is designed to be used with HDTV by deploying 2 IR lights mounted on the TV (you can place it on top). Surprise!! This is exactly how the Wii-mote works… so it seems that Nintendo did get the formula right! However, Guncon 3 has the placements of the IR lights at the left and right ends of your display unit, so if you have a huge HDTV or projector screen, you will have to stretch it very far.

New to the Guncon 3 is the added prong on the left side, making it two handed shooting action, again like the Wii Zapper. The main difference is that the Guncon 3 has the analog stick and two trigger button, essentially mapping six Sixaxis buttons to it (but without the Sixaxis’ motion sensors).
While this seems comfortable for right handed gamers, I am wondering if Namco will issue a left handed Guncon 3 to cater to left handed players?? If they don’t, they will alienated a small portion of gamers out there. While I still think that Nintendo got it right with the Zapper’s from back setup, which will cater to both lefties and righties.
Missing from it is the “kick-back” slider similar to the arcade action, which was replicated in the Guncon 1 (and from 3rd party manufacturers like Hori). Incidentally, Time Crisis 4 does not support any force feedback either.
Due to the sensitivity of the Guncon in the west, Guncon 3 for US and Europe will be in bright orange (as per pic above) while Japan gets the black unit. No price was announced during E3, and no mention of any bundle with Time Crisis 4 either, although I fully expect a standalone SKU as well as a Time Crisis 4 bundle with Guncon 3 (refer to TC1 for PS1 and TC2 for PS2).



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